Comprehensive zQuiet Review: Everything is Come Out!

Recently, people keep introducing you to Zquiet snore-reducing aids. Are they really good? Check the Zquiet review to find out. We even bonus some alternatives.

If you search for this Zquiet review, we bet you are suffering from a super annoying snoring sound, which keeps you awake all night.

How exhausted!

Thank goodness, there are several snore reducing aids such as ZQUIET Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Solution or ZQUIET QuietOn Snore Cancelling Earbuds to save your valuable nights of sleep.

They are easy to use, and importantly, totally comfortable while wearing them all night long.

Don’t believe it?

Check our detailed reviews right below.

What Is Zquiet?

Interesting enough, the idea for this anti-snoring equipment company was from their own stressful experience with snoring noise.

Dan – the co-founder and also the husband of Trina – the owner of Zquiet used to snore a lot. Thus, Trina was usually kept up at night for a long time, causing her to be frustrated all the time. This even made their relationship breakable sometimes.

Sound familiar?

In fact, many lovey-dovey couples end up breaking up, just because their bed partner sleeps loudly.

It is not a stupid reason, only when you experience this, do you know how painful it is. (Like this couple)

Fortunately, Dan and Trina, with the support of medical and dental professionals, finally came up with the famous Zquiet mouthpiece in 2008.

Since then, the company has introduced many helpful anti-snoring aids such as the improved mouthpiece, supportive chin strips, nasal-breaking aids, therapy aids, and snore-canceling earbuds.

Comprehensive zQuiet Review: Is It Really Good?

To confirm how effective zQuiet products to stop snoring noise, we had three couples try the two products of zQuiet.

Decent experiences overall, but there is still room to improve.

In general, zQuiet anti-snoring devices are made of thermoplastic elastomer – a soft and comfortable material.

Nonetheless, it combines rubber and plastic, which might cause some allergic reactions.

The construction is a smart plus.

When you wear the mouthpieces of zQuiet, you can still speak or even take a sip comfortably. It means you are free to breathe through your mouth while sleeping.

zQuiet offers a 30-day trial at a small charge. Hence, you can try before buy the full devices. The return policy is thoughtful and straightforward.

ZQUIET Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece Solution


Now, let’s get insight into the signature product of zQuiet – The Anti-snoring Mouthpiece.

This device is supposed to advance your lower jaw gently so that the airway to the back of the throat is widened. Hence, it minimizes the vibration of the surrounding tissue – the reason causes the disturbing snoring sound.

As we mentioned above, this mouthpiece is crafted with thermoplastic elastomer.

Moreover, this device has passed the FDA clearance test, meaning it is safe and effective for consumers, as well as legal for sale.

The results of the test confirm that the zQuiet mouthpiece is non-toxic, non-latex, and odorless, meeting the requirements of medical devices.

Although it is comfortable, many people have an allergy to this material. Hence, make sure that you are not allergic to any of the components before jumping to a purchase.

In terms of sizes, the device comes in various options to fit 97% of all sizes of mouths, both for women and men.

The maintenance is a peace of mind. Just warm water, mild soap, and the soft toothbrush will do. With proper care, the mouthpiece can last from 2 months to one year.

All is OKAY, except for the fact that some consumers complained that it obliterates their snoring!

It is fun, but sometimes we are so familiar with the snoring sound at night that we can’t sleep without it.


  • A wide range of sizes that fit almost everyone
  • Comfortable and FDA-cleared materials
  • Quick effects within three weeks to one month


  • High price
  • Complete removal of snoring
  • Possibly allergic thermoplastic elastomer.

One more note, this zQuiet Anti-snoring Mouthpiece reduces snoring issues rather than treat sleep apnea medical condition – confirmed by the manufacturer.

ZQUIET QuietOn Snore Cancelling Earbuds


If your bed partner refuses to wear the mouthpieces for fear of discomfort or the like, then there is another way to care for yourself and have a restful sleep.

Use this QuietOn Snore Cancelling Earbuds.

This small device is designed as an in-ear passive earplug, along with active noise-canceling technology.

There are two modes: silent mode and hearing mode.

To turn on the silent mode of these earbuds means blocking every environmental noise, including the snoring, at the very night.

The hearing mode is to lower the surrounding noise instead of completely filtering all out.

Simply press the button to switch between two modes as wished.

This device does an excellent job of canceling the noise. However, we don’t recommend it for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, it is not comfortable to wear all night long.

The earbuds are made of foam like many others and even come in multiple sized ear tips.

Nonetheless, we find the build quality a little rough. It causes a noticeable pain in the ear, especially if you have a side-sleeping habit.

Secondly, it is too expensive for a pair of earbuds. Honestly!


  • Two flexible snore-canceling modes
  • Quick charge time
  • Long-life at a full charge – up to 20 hours


  • Too expensive
  • Tough build
  • Discomfortable wear

Given that QuietOn Snore Cancelling Earbuds is effective at canceling noises, customers expect it to be more comfortable and affordable.

Here Are The Great Choices for You

Despite being famous for its efficiency in anti-snoring features, zQuiet products are somewhat too expensive for many people.

Fortunately, we provide two alternatives here.

Check now!

Tranquility Pro 2 Adjustable Mouthpiece


Twice as cheap as the zQuiet Anti-snoring Mouthpiece, Tranquility Pro 2 Adjustable Mouthpiece provides unexpectedly useful features.

First of all, the device adopts the advanced “boil and bite” technology, meaning the size is adjustable to your mouth.

Simple, you just need to boil it in warm water and bite down on the device to let it voila. It might take some time to get familiar with this additional mouthpiece.

There is a precise measurement of the water setting to ensure you can adjust the mouthpiece to the most comfortable feeling.

No snug, tight, and secure.

Even better, the device not only prevents snoring, but Tranquility Pro 2 Adjustable Mouthpiece also stops the grinding habit with Bruximum support.

The lock tech is a plus. You can set the mouthpiece to your desired degree. The device, then, locks in place.

Some consumers even confirmed that Tranquility Pro 2 helps treat sleep apnea. However, always refer to your sleep specialist first to get proper treatment.

For your note, many consumers complain that this device takes some time to be effective. Moreover, once you stop wearing it, and the problem comes back.

Make sure you treat the snoring entirely before removing the device.


  • Low price
  • Useful in treating snoring and teeth grinding
  • Adjustable mouthpiece with boil and bite technology
  • Clear measurement and instructions


  • Slow efficiency
  • A bit painful when applied

Brison Noise Cancelling EarPlugs for Sleeping


Instead of breaking a bank for a set of zQuiet QuietOn Snore Earbuds, you can go for Brison Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs.

This set is ten times cheaper!

The fact is, you do need to rest in a quiet night to fall deep into sleep. Just lowering the annoying sound like snoring is acceptable.

Brison Ear Plugs can work as snore-canceling buds while also being a music earplugs since they do not prevent all the sound like the foam Quiet.

Using High-Fidelity technology, the plugs reduce the noise evenly without distorting the full sound range and quality.

Very versatile!

More excitingly, you do not need to trade off the comfort for the low price.

Without hard edges, the devices will hardly put any pressure and itching pain in your ears. The materials are soft grade silicone and environmentally-friendly.

There is even a handy travel case coming in the package to put the plugs aside when it is not in use, as well as to bring it to work or to school for some music.

No serious complaint is reported, except for the small size. If you have a massive ear canal, then we do not recommend this set.


  • Exceptionally affordable
  • Full package with earplugs and traveling case
  • Versatile purpose
  • High-Fidelity sounding quality


  • Small size


We hope this zQuiet review and alternative lists are helpful to help you free from the snoring pain.

Having a high-quality sleeping is necessary to keep your mind fresh and stressless, which, in turn, helps improve your living standard and fix the fragile relationship with your bed partner due to snoring sounds.

If you know any better alternation when it comes to snoring treatment, please share it with us at the comment box.

Thanks in advance!

Top 10 Earplugs For Snoring Review (Don’t Miss #2)

Are you finding the best method to stop snoring? If you have to give up all of the ways that you have tried against the snoring, do not feel frustrated. 

We have a solution for you: Earplugs.

Are you suspecting this gadget?

Trust me!!! According to scientists, the item not only stops the snoring but also blocks the buzzing at loud events. Then, it is undoubtedly a must-have for your sound sleep.

If you are wavering over which earplugs to choose, this article is for you. Keep your attention to find the answer. 

How to Choose The Suitable Earplugs Against Snoring For You 

The size of earplugs 

Wearing the right size of earplugs not only makes you feel comfortable but also protects your ears effectively. Therefore, you must consider the size of earplugs before buying. Let’s ask the customer service or test to find your best fit.

The noise protection level

The noise reduction level (NRR) is the rating for the effectiveness of earplugs. The higher noise-protection level, the louder sound this item can block. The earplugs with over 27 dB reduction are highly effective. 

Nevertheless, the earplugs’ NRR  shows the protection against the sound in a lab setting, which may be a bit biased in practice. That means you must test the earplugs in real life to find the best product for your needs.

The material that matches your needs

Silicone and soft foam are common materials to make earplugs. Silicone usually lasts longer than foam, but it is a bit expensive. The main advantages of using silicone are easy cleaning and great comfort while wearing.

The foam is the most popular type of earplugs because of this material is cheaper than silicone. 

Foam earplugs are made of the same material with foam mattresses that will expand to fit your ear canal. The biggest problem of these units is that it is not durable against steam and mold. However, they are so affordable that you can effortlessly replace them once needed.

The quality of the material should also be considered. Make sure they are made from environmentally friendly and non-toxic material so that the earplugs don’t leave some particles inside your ears causing allergy. 


Select the earplugs model that are reusable. 

With a silicone model, you can reuse it many times. However, most of the foam models are designed for one-time use only. 

Top 10 Best Hot Earplugs On The Market

#1 Eargasm Earplugs- high fidelity earplugs 

Eargasm Earplugs- high fidelity earplugsIt would be a mistake if we didn’t introduce Eargasm earplugs. Let’s go in detail! 

With unique attenuation filters, this gadget can reduce noise levels up to 21 dB. Absolutely, the snoring can easily be reduced. Not only blocking the piercing sound from the environment, the device also preserves sound quality. 

The attenuation filters are able to tell apart the superfluous sound and the voice or the ring of the clock. Therefore, you still hear the alarm if you need to wake up. 

If you worry about damaging your ears when using unsuitable earplugs, Eargasm doesn’t let you down — there are two pairs of different sizes so you can choose the one that fits for your ear. 

Besides, plush silicone hypoallergenic earplug sheets are non-toxic and comfortable to wear. 

And it does not stop there.

The ergonomic aluminum case provides the earplugs all-round protection against water moisture, dust, and debris. Moreover, this case is also  35% shorter than that of other brands, which means you can bring it anywhere as a keychain. 


  • Resistance to water, moisture, dust, and debris. 
  • Three colors are available.
  •  Have the little “pull tabs” for easy removal.


  • Not many choices of size

#2 NASUM earplugs- Good deal for high-quality earplugs

NASUM earplugs- Good deal for high-quality earplugs

If you are looking for earplugs that are reasonably-priced but still have high quality, then you definitely should have a look at this gadget.

Like other earplugs, NASUM has a three-layer filter that can effectively reduce the overall sound in the environment. In particular, the earplug can reduce up to 25 dB of noise levels. 

Made from silicone content with anti-allergy properties, the soft silicone makes sure that you feel comfortable while using without any pain. 

This earplug is suitable for DJ, race, percussion, travel, concerts and so on.

Last but not least, the Nasum service will make you impressed. The manufacturer had a policy of unconditional return within 30 days. Their service is committed to ensuring that all of the customers will be satisfied. 


  • Good price 
  • Non-toxic material
  • Useful customer service 


  • Not many choices of size

#3 EarPeace Ear Plugs-for Loud Work Environments

EarPeace Ear Plugs-for Loud Work EnvironmentsNext on the list is the product of EarPeace. If you are finding another earplug that can stop snoring, this item is an ideal choice.

In addition to being a snoring remedy, these earplugs are recommended for those who work with heavy-duty machines like the saw. 

We are impressed with the protection of this gadget. It can reduce the noise when you need but still maintain a level of sound awareness that gives you safety in working. 

What does EarPeace have? 

These earplugs are crafted with premium-grade silicone that brings a comfortable feeling for your ear. 

Moreover, EarPeace includes Medium, High, and Max protection filter sets that fit your different needs. A medium filter is intended for snoring reduction and the max protection filter is for using power machine. Very convenient, right? 

How about the size? 

Earplugs provide two options, small and standard, to fit with most ears. You can use the EarPeace in a long time without worrying about hearing problems. 

Be warned! EarPeace earplugs are not for anyone below 13 years of age. It may pose a disturbing threat to children and infants.


  • 3 filter protection ( medium, high, max) 
  • Fit with most ears size
  • A high level of noise reduction


  • Hard to take out of the case 

#4 Brison earplugs-for sleeping 

Brison earplugs-for sleepingNext, we want to introduce to you the earplugs from Brison brand that reduce noise to let you focus on your work or have a deep sleep. 

The earplugs of Brison focus on improving comfort when using for a long time. With no hard edges and precise triple-flange design, the Brison earplug does not cause itching or pain. 

Anything else in Brison earplugs box? 

They give you two pairs of different colors: black and blue. The case also has such a beautiful design that you can use it as an elegant accessory. Made of aluminum, the case can perfectly protect your beloved earplugs inside.

You will appreciate the durability of this gadget, which can offer years of service. 

You should clean the earplugs in warm water and keep it in the case to use for the next time. 

Overall, Brison earplugs are good to protect you from the unendurable snoring to have a sound sleep. It is also affordable at under $20.


  • Reliable aluminum case
  • Comfortable use for a long time 
  • Affordable at under $20.


  • Not many choices of size

#5 Brison earplugs-1 Pair-for sleeping 

Brison earplugs-1 Pair-for sleeping This is another pair of earplugs from Brison that you cannot ignore. Different from the above product, this model has one pair each box, and the price is also a bit cheaper than the previous model. If you don’t need up to 2 pairs of earplugs, this model is not a lousy selection.

The earplugs are constructed with non-toxic, soft-grade silicone, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also makes you comfortable to wear for a long term.

Brison earplugs designed the size fit will most of the customer. In most of the feedback, this earplug is appreciated by the soft and comfortable feeling when using. 

However, having only one pair is a bit of a lack. While other headsets have multiple pairs to replace when one pair is broken or lost, owning one pair requires you to be extra careful in use. 

To sum up, this is a model you should consider if you simply want a gadget for sleeping and don’t have a problem with having only one pair. Also, it is useful for working, concerts, musicians, shooting, and driving motorcycles.


  • Comfortable use for a long time 
  • Affordable at under $20.


  • Only one pair each box.

#6 Hearprotek Earplugs- Ultra Soft Noise Reduction 

Hearprotek Earplugs- Ultra Soft Noise ReductionThis Hearprotek model is simply used for sleeping. Let’s discover it with us!

The most significant advantage of this item is the ability to protect from noise. Hearprotek design has 3-layer flange ergonomic with no hard edges that can reduce up to 31 dB in Noise Levels. Hearprotek is perfect for sleeping, working, construction, mowing and using power tools.

Like other earplugs, this unit has two pairs in different sizes of each box. The small size in 30db is intended for the small ear canal ( children or adults who have small size ear), and the standard quantity in 32db is for average to large ear sizes that can fit most of the adults. 

The convenience of this unit is added thanks to a sturdy detachable cord.

In this model, you will have more options for color. The manufacturer gives you three colors to choose from: white, pink and purple.

One last thing, the service of Hearprotek, is also helpful. If you have any questions, you can ask the customer service. They will respond to all of your questions as fast they can.


  • Having sturdy detachable cord
  • Three colors available 
  • Good service 
  • A high level of noise reduction


  • Maybe uncomfortable with the special size of the ear 

#7 Softvox earplugs- for Women with Smaller Ear Canals

Softvox earplugs- for Women with Smaller Ear CanalsNext on the list are the Softvox earplugs. If you are seeking for a model to fit small ears, Softvox will be the wonderful selection.

This is probably the best product for women. These sleeping earplugs are about 20% smaller than most of the standard sizes that can perfectly fit children and women. 

Plus, this unit has a unique shape. The air permeability holes protrude with two-layer structure to ensure dryness in your ear.

Moreover, the material is also constructed by hypoallergenic and non-toxic silicone, which is durable.

In addition to being comfortable to use, Softvox earplugs are also easy to remove with a small tab at the end. So, you don’t need to worry about this device getting stuck in your ear. 

Having two pairs of earplugs is the advantage of this model. Customers, in the case of getting one pair missing or broken, still have the replacement to use. 

To sum up, Softvox is a great purchase when you have small ears. Also, you have two color options: red and black.


  • Fit for small ear size. 
  • Having replacement earplugs 
  • Easy removal


  • Don’t block out much noise.

#8 Hearprotek EarPlugs-colorful earplugs

Hearprotek EarPlugs-colorful earplugsIf you think two pairs are not enough and you want something colorful,  Hearprotek earplugs are perfect for you. 

First off, this unit will make you impressed with four bright colors that can fit with your mood. With four pairs included, you can easily share with your family and friends. So convenient, right? 

Most noteworthy, the unit is made of lighweight and extra-soft silicone. Weighing only 1.1g, it is non-obstructive and incredibly light for wearing. 

Besides, the size of this model is designed to fit most ear sizes and shapes that you can wear in a long time without discomfort or pain. 

At last, the earplugs come with a milled aluminum case and a sturdy plastic case; you can use it as the keychain wherever you go. Also, the manufacturer included two connector cords to keep your device safe. 

Overall, Hearprotek is a colorful earplug for active youngsters. With four pairs, this model is worth buying in the price range under 16$. 


  • Colorful 
  • Four pair included
  • Lightweight 


  • Maybe uncomfortable with the special size of the ear.

#9 The Ear Buddy earplug-for sleeping and shooting 

The Ear Buddy earplug-for sleeping and shooting The Ear Buddy Premium is another pair of earplugs made of soft foam that can absolutely protect your ears for a peaceful sleep. 

Unlikely silicone earplugs, The Ear Buddy Premium is not ergonomically shaped to simply fit your ear and stop the loud sound. 

This is probably an excellent product for your budget. With 50 pairs in each box; you can comfortably share with your family and there is no need to worry when you lose one. 

Let’s dig a little deeper! This model is a bit different from the earplugs made from silicone. The unit is designed in an oval shape and very soft, elastic. Then you just squeeze it, place it inside, and wait for it to fit your ears. 

Finally, the protection of Ear Buddy is also exceptional, with a reduction of 32 decibels on the noise level. Ear Buddy is an ideal item for sleeping, shooting, and working. 


  • 50 pairs in each box 
  • Good service 


  • Soft Foam Ear Plugs easily damaged with water. 
  • Non-durable

#10 Jourdak earplug-for block Out Snoring

Jourdak earplug-for block Out SnoringTo finish our list of the best earplugs on the market, we would like to introduce to you a model from Jourdak.

First of all, this purchase including more ten pairs than the previous model but still has a fantastic price under 15$. With 60 pairs, you can freely share with your family when they have problems with noise. 

What can you expect from this cheap model? Does this have good quality? 

Jourdak earplug is made by the high-quality soft foam to give a superior fit that cheap earplugs cannot provide.

Moreover, environmentally friendly and non-toxic PU foam material ensures safety for using in a long time.

Last but not least, the producer seems to be very generous when providing a waterproof carrying case to save your earplugs from the germ and moisture. The case also makes it easy to bring. 


  • 60 pairs included 
  • Waterproof carrying case
  • Good service


  • Soft Foam Ear Plugs easily damaged when wet. 

How to use them for better sleep

After choosing the right product for your ear, you should pay attention to these tips for better sleep:

  • Make sure your earplugs are dry 

Steam is the reason behind the mold growth that will harm your ears. Moreover, wearing wet earplugs make you feel uncomfortable and unable to sleep tight. 

  • Keep it clean

The silicone earplugs can reuse many times. Before using this item, you should clean it with warm water to avoid any problems with your ear. Last, put the gadget in the case after use to protect them from dirt. With foam earplugs, do not wear it when mold appears.

  • Don’t put them in too fast and remove them slowly 

If they are well-fit earplugs, be careful when wearing or removing. You should remove it gently with a twisting motion to avoid any damage to the ear. 

  • Don’t put the earplugs too deep

With the soft foam and the unit which doesn’t have the tab to remove, you much be careful when putting it into the ear canal. Do not put it too deep or it would be difficult to take out. 

However, don’t try to put this gadget into your ear if you feel uncomfortable or if it causes a painful feeling. Instead, you should come to doctor for advice.   

To Sum Up

Using the earplugs is ideal to protect your ear and have a deep sleep at night.

In our opinion, NASUM earplug is the best product on the list. It meets most of our expectations in terms of quality, durability, service, etc. However, it’s just our advice for the best product; you should consider carefully to choose the right option for yourself. 

If you have used any product on this list, let’s share your experience with us below this post.

top 10 best anti-snore pillow reviews

Top 10 Best Anti-Snore Pillows

Snoring is a common problem many suffer from. This medical condition can be caused by various reasons, but usually affects people in the same way – it blocks your airways when sleeping. Regular pillows often don’t cater well to snorers because they don’t provide proper support to their body. This not only can increase snoring, but ruin your quality of sleep as well. Because of this, it might be a good idea to consider investing in anti-snore pillows. Below you’ll find more information about how these products can help you and some of the best products on the market today you can use.

What is an Anti-Snore Pillow?

An anti-snore pillow is a device you can use to help prevent snoring. They are often made of memory foam and feature curved designs which help to prevent snoring due to blocked airways.

The Benefits of Using an Anti-Snore Pillow

There are many benefits that come with using an anti-snore pillow. Below are a few.

They Keep Your Airways Open

Snoring is usually caused by blocked airways. Regular pillows often make snoring worse because they don’t support your neck and head well. Anti-snoring pillows work to keep your airways open because they align your neck and head which helps to prevent your airways from being obstructed.

They Improve Your Sleep

Excessive snoring can not only be irritating, but hurt your quality of sleep. Anti-snore pillows work to prevent snoring which in return can improve your sleep. This way, you’ll feel more rested and energetic.

They Help with Maintaining Proper Sleeping Posture

Normal pillows are usually either too soft or hard which can cause discomfort to your body. Because of this, you might find yourself moving in various positions to help prevent discomfort, something which can lead to neck and back pain. Because anti-snore pillows cradle your neck and head, they encourage proper sleeping posture, no matter what type of sleeping position you prefer. Due to this, you’ll find that with the correct sleeping posture you’ll wake up with less aches and pains.

What to Look for in an Anti-Snore Pillow

Before shopping for an anti-snore pillow there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. Below are some important aspects to consider.

Its Design

An important thing to look at in an anti-snore pillow is its design. You’ll find that these pillows will vary in their shapes with some having a slight curve in the middle while others are wedged. These are all designed to cater to various sleeping positions. Because of this, you’ll want to carefully consider the design that will work well for your needs to ensure you’re not only comfortable when you sleep, but that any snoring is prevented.

Its Weight

Most of these pillows are extremely lightweight. However, there are some models that might weigh a few pounds which could make them difficult to transport around. It’s a good idea to check the weight of a pillow you’re interested in to ensure it’s easy for you to move around.

If Its Cover Can Be Washed

Another thing to consider is if the pillow’s cover can be washed. The cover will sometimes collect dirt and other particles due to it being used often. Because of this, it’s important to make sure you can remove and wash it when necessary. Otherwise, you might find that the cover will look dirty and might irritate your skin.

Our Top Three Picks

This anti-snore pillow is one of our top picks thanks to its unique yet comfortable design which helps to quickly stop snoring. It also features breathable materials which keep the pillow cool and free from allergens.

Brentwood Home Foam Pillow is made with a large wedge design which not only supports your neck, but back as well. It also features a cover made with hypoallergenic bamboo fibers making it ideal for those with sensitive skin to use.

This anti-snore pillow is also one of our top choices for many reasons. It not only features a helpful design that keeps your head and neck supported while you sleep, but can be used with a variety of different sleeping positions so you don’t need to drastically change your sleeping preferences. In addition to this, it comes with a washable cover.

Top 10 Best Anti-Snore Pillows Product Reviews

This anti-snore is made of soft memory foam which not only helps to cradle your head when you lie on it, but prevents snoring as well. One side of the pillow has a slightly arched design while the other side is a bit flatter. This way, you can choose the option that will work best for your needs. This pillow comes with a removable cover that you can wash. However, keep in mind that this product might be a little too firm for some.

The Sweethome Jane Anti-Snore Pillow features a unique ergonomic design which is meant to help the pillow hold your head and neck well when you use it. This will not only help to prevent you from snoring, but stop neck pain as well. The memory foam in this product is made to breathe which helps air circulate better through it. This works to keep your pillow comfortable to use and prevent possible allergens and mildew from forming in it.

This anti-snore pillow by Cushy Foam is made with a wedge design. This allows you to put not only your head on it, but upper back as well. Thanks to this design, it can significantly help to reduce you from snoring, as well as a few other health issues, such as acid reflux and sinus pressure. In addition to this, you can also use the wedge pillow for leg elevation or as a backrest for reading. The pillow measures 10 inches long and is made with durable memory foam that contours to your body. This product is also covered in a removable and washable cover.

The Brentwood Home Foam Pillow measures 7 x 24 x 24 inches and features a wedge design. This slope helps to keep your spine straight when sleeping which not only prevents back and neck pain, but snoring as well. Besides using it as a pillow, you can also use it to elevate your legs when sleeping or as a backrest. The Brentwood Home Foam Pillow is covered in a soft bamboo fiber material that you can remove and wash when necessary. This pillow is also very lightweight and only weighs two pounds.

The EPABO Contour Pillow comes in a stylish white color and measures 24 x 15 x 4.8 inches. This luxurious pillow is made with breathable hypoallergenic fabric which works to keep the pillow cool throughout the night. The pillow also features a slight curve in the middle which helps to cradle your neck when you rest on it. This can help to prevent not only various types of pain, but snoring as well. The memory foam inside the pillow is about one-inch thick and is placed inside the pillow in pieces. This way, you can remove the pieces if necessary until you find the right comfort level for your needs.

The Novon Bedding Sleeping Pillow is meant to be used by those who are light snorers. The pillow can be used for both side and back sleepers and features an ergonomic design with indentations in the middle that helps to support your body to help prevent blocked airways. The pillow also has a zipper that runs around the edge which you can use to open the pillow to remove its cover or remove pieces of memory foam. The Novon Bedding Sleeping Pillow is also ideal for those with sensitive skin as it’s made with hypoallergenic cotton. This option weighs about three pounds.

This memory foam pillow by Xtreme Comforts measures seven inches long and is made with a wedge design. The pillow is made with breathable materials and comes with a washable bamboo cover. Because it props your body up when sleeping, it significantly helps to reduce snoring as well as symptoms of acid reflux, colds, and post nasal drip. You can also use this pillow as a leg rest to encourage better blood circulation. This pillow is durable and designed to maintain its shape so it never goes flat.

While a little pricey, the Mkicesky Contour Foam Pillow features an ergonomic curved design that has a slight indent in the front where you can place your neck. Thanks to this patented design, the pillow not only encourages you to have good sleeping posture, but stop snoring as well. The pillow is filled with memory foam and can be used with various sleeping positions. The memory foam is also breathable which helps to prevent the build-up of allergens. The Mkicesky Contour Foam Pillow does come with a removable cover that you can wash without fears of it shrinking.

The Wonwo Support Pillow is made out of soft memory foam which is made of high-quality materials to ensure it lasts you for many years. This foam block is covered in a polyester knitted fabric which is breathable and can be washed. This anti-snore pillow has a small crevice in the middle of it which you can use to keep your neck supported when you sleep. Thanks to this design, you can easily sleep on your back, side, and stomach with it. The pillow will conform to your body to help provide it with ultimate comfort by either firming up or softening.

This affordable anti-snore pillow is a compact option designed to be used for travel. Featuring a bright blue covering, the pillow has a soft velvet exterior that covers a curved piece of memory foam inside. To use this product, simply place it behind your neck and use the strap sewn into the edge to secure it to your body. This way, you can use it while on the go without it slipping off. This product weighs less than one pound and stabilizes your neck to help prevent snoring.

Snoring not only can cause aches and pains, but can hurt your quality of sleep. Because of this, it’s important to use an anti-snoring pillow to help combat it. If you’re on the search for a way to help naturally stop snoring, definitely consider using one of these products, especially our top three picks. They not only will help to reduce your snoring, but improve your sleep as well.